Junior Dos Santos, who is currently ranked number 4 on the UFC heavyweight hierarchy, has said that he deserves a shot at the heavyweight title.

Dos Santos who has put plans in motion to aim for the title is seriously looking to be in the top spot.

He has been matched to fight Stefan Struve in their upcoming match in the UFC fight night event. This will be their second fight as he had fought Stefan eight years ago, Santos would definitely look back on the fight as a fond memory as he won the bout without much of a squabble, defeating Stefan in the first round of the face off with a knockout.

Dos Santos who recently had an interview to discuss his upcoming fight with Struve said that he was happy that Struve had accepted the challenge after several other fighters had turned it down. The former heavyweight champion said he was happy with how far his opponent had coming saying that he was impressed with his evolution since teir first meeting and believes that they were matched together for a reason.

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