Dos Santos

Junior Dos Santos is a professional wrestler and he is an exponent of the mixed martial arts. He was born on the 12th day of September in the 1984. He is of Brazilian descent and his birthplace is Cacador in the Santa Catarina region of Brazil. His professional career in mixed martial arts began in the year 2006 when he was aged 21. He fought in various local circuits in Brazil like Demo fight, Extreme fight and other such events where he made quite a reputation for himself. He won 6 out of his seven games and became a force to reckon. He has been a great revelation since then and he is currently ranked the Numero Uno Heavyweight wrestler by all the leading fight magazines like Sherdog, MMA weekly, MMA magazine and Fight Magazine.

Junior Dos Santos was born to a very needy family and he has suffered a lot of hardship in his early life and much of his early like remains obscure. He then took up wrestling to make easy money at local fight clubs. Then he began to train in mixed martial arts and he trained under renowned fighters like Antonio Rodrigo and Silva, both of them have been middleweight champions and they are great trainers. They have done a very good job with Junior Dos Santos and his fighting has improved considerably. He has developed a very sound technique and his correct balance between speed and strike force has helped him win a lot of matches and earn a lot of reputation. The main guiding force behind his success has been his discipline. He is a very hard worked and very humble, he never forgets his roots and even plans to do something to help his people. He is still very young but he shows maturity beyond his age and hence he has been able to defeat some of the biggest names in heavyweight wrestling in the present generation.

Junior Dos Santos originally trained in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu which is a form of martial art. This has helped develop his fighting ability. He has also been trained in Muay Thai which is another martial art and very effective indeed.  In fight, he uses a mixture of several techniques and hence he becomes very unpredictable.  His classic style even has a bit of boxing in it and his accurate strikes have earned him a lot of fame and recognition all over the MMA arena.

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