Junior Dos Santos Becomes A Father

Junior Dos Santos is on a new high, having become a father recently.

He states that his fatherhood gives him more motivation to train. There is an upcoming title fight and he would be taking it on after attaining fatherhood. Being a former champion in the heavyweight category, he has much reason to be happy nowadays. He feels that having become a father has brought a major turning point in his career and that he has a boy to take care of makes him want to work extra hard at training at the gym.

He feels that having become a father has completed him in many ways and brings in happiness in his heart that is fulfilling. He misses his son as soon as he steps out for the day and cannot wait to come back and see him. There is a rematch coming up between him and Stipe Miocic that would take place on May 13th. This would be part of UFC 211 event that would be held in Dallas in Texas.

Indeed, there is much being talked about the fight. The tickets are out on sale, about $50 for a view of the fight that brings UFC back to Dallas and if you pay $400 you get to sit next to the cage side to witness the action. The tickets are going on sale and would involve a claim for the heavyweight title between Stipe Miocic and Junior Dos Santos. This would be part of the main event besides which there would be a fight between Jessica Andrade and Joanna Jedrzejczyk in the straw weight category. The fights would take place on May 13th which would be staged at American Airlines Center in the city of Dallas. Fans would be looking forward to seeing how Santos is prepped for the fight, especially after being a high in having become a father.

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