UFC heavyweight fighter Junior Dos Santos says he was devastated when he heard that he failed a drug test.

The performer said he was on his way home from training when he got wind of the report that he tested positive for a diuretic banned by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

“Until I got home, I thought it was a prank, I couldn’t believe it. I talked to my wife and she told me USADA had notified me. I said ‘for the love of God, it can’t be possible. What could I test positive for?’ I called up UFC people the following day and they told me it was a diuretic,” Dos Santos explained.

He claimed that it was a small amount of hydrochlorothiazide that was found in his system. He explained that it was in such a small amount that “it couldn’t even act as a diuretic” on him. He absolved the Agency of blame by admitting that the amount was inconsequential as far as there was contamination.

Dos Santos had around 22 days to his planned fight against Francis Ngannou at UFC 215. The positive drug test meant he was off the fight. He insists he does not know how the drug entered his system but that he wants USADA to continue to work to protect the competitive nature of the sport.

He says the whole situation is under investigation for now because he is clueless as to how the drug found its way to his system. The athlete says he is a victim and is getting “major support from USADA and from the UFC.” Losing his last bout against champ Stipe Miocic last May is enough motivation to cheat to return to winning ways but he insists he did not.

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