Junior Dos Santos Highlights | Superior Quality *w/ Carwin*

Junior Dos Santos Video Score: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Junior Dos Santos Highlights | Superior Quality *w/ Carwin*”

  1. CRiMZ0NkiD says:

    @titzmageex Yes.

  2. titzmageex says:

    did you really have to add the sound fx for every hit?

    really killed it.

  3. irphil47 says:

    Without a doubt in my mind, I am going with Dos Santos. I disagree with you on JDS style as being a “brawler”….I believe his striking is very technical and accurate, thus being more akin to a “boxer” type, a man who picks his shots carefully. In addition, I think Dos Santos’s punches are very fast, his speed, accuracy, and power are really what make him so dangerous.

  4. johnnydillinger306 says:

    On November 12th we all going to here this……….AND THE NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD!!!

  5. sur13928 says:

    Dos Santos VS Brock…… It should happen first then winner Vs Cain

  6. gato1352 says:

    what a beatiful video man, I think this is the best Junior Dos Santos Higlight on youtube. Thanks for upload it

  7. WolverineKeehn says:

    I love how Junior doesn’t look like he has scratch on him after this one

  8. CoSaBaZy says:

    @Alexganeco No it doesnt just watch until the end

  9. CoSaBaZy says:

    I watch this clip like everyday, perfect video 10/10 and btw the music is absolutley perfect.

  10. SDALiiON says:

    mad vid man.. but the music HAS GOT TO GO!

  11. Legendofmma says:

    @rockbodysolid Agreed…

  12. rockbodysolid says:

    @Legendofmma yeah, it isn’t hard to go 9-0 in the ufc… and we will just have to watch the fight..

  13. fearFlashback says:

    @Legendofmma conversation is over because Jon Jones is not battle tested and will eventually lose a fight…after that I will be satisfied 🙂

  14. Legendofmma says:

    @fearFlashback so was jon jones suppose to stand up in front of rampage nd let rampage hit him and risk getting knocked out bye rampage heavy hands? lmfao!! its called fighting smart obviously you wouldnt do well in the ufc bye the way you view things who in there rite mind would wanna get hit bye someone that can easily knock you out? boy are you dumb for that one this conversation is over!! however i do agree with you that the only person that stands a chance is rashad evans…

  15. fearFlashback says:

    @Legendofmma Anderson Silva loves striking and will take a punch to land a punch…what happened when Rampage wanted to strike? Jon Jones ran like a little girl he even admitted it in the post fight interview…sorry I am not going to be part of the Jon Jones bandwagon..either way you have your opinion and I have mine and nothing you say is going to change my mind..Jon Jones will be exposed by Evans that’s final!!

  16. Legendofmma says:

    @fearFlashback 2/2 and jon jones fighting syle is similar to that of Anderson silva and jones hasnt came close to being introuble yet he already beat 2 former champions and assuming he beats machida and rashad that will be 4 former champions in less then a year there aint nothing laughable about that!!….

  17. Legendofmma says:

    @fearFlashback No shit evans has a better record then jones evans has been fighting alot longer and secound jon jones is still undefeated his only loss was because he got dq but he was gonna win that fight anyway…sooner or later you will see why jon jones will be the next Anderson silva if dana white can bluntly say frankie edgar is the secound best p4p then i stand bye what i say about jon jones being as good as silva and in a few years will surpass Anderson silva …..

  18. fearFlashback says:

    @Legendofmma It is laughable the comparison of Jon Jones to Anderson…Jon Jones WILL have a bad night and we will see how he will respond…I already know how he will respond lol…btw EVERYONE HAS AN OFF NIGHT…Anderson, GSP, Evans have all responded like champions…Evans has a better record than Jones has more knockout than Jones…can’t wait to see Evans bash on this poor guy

  19. Legendofmma says:

    @fearFlashback He will eventurally clean out his division in time just like Anderson silva…

  20. Legendofmma says:

    @rockbodysolid jds hasnt loss since he has been in the ufc secound cain only has 9 fights so far the type of fighter he is its not that hard to be undefeated with only 9 fights cheick kongo went the distance with cain and rocked him a couple times jds is miles ahead of kongo and if kongo can do that to cain jds will do wrost if cain trys to take him down jds will get back up and if cain tries to strike with jds he will get knocked the fuck out or burtly murded like carwin was.. R.I.P cain

  21. MorganTaylor2010 says:

    He is a fuckin beast

  22. vespaman101 says:

    when the dust settles top heavyweights will be cain, jds, overeem, lesnar, and possibly mir. i cant think of anyone else at the moment i wuld put into that category of top 5. that seems about right to me.

  23. TheMMALifestyle says:

    JDS has good enough cardio to last, and in my mind, JDS’s boxing is miles ahead of cain’s, and let’s not forget cain was dropped twice by the best striker he’s faced, who was chieck kongo. JDS fought yvel, crop cop, gonzaga and carwin. JDS by TKO. But I’m biased, he is my idol and favourite athlete I’ve seen in my life.

  24. TEHWEEZY says:

    song is gay but cool highlights.

  25. rockbodysolid says:

    you guys are all going to be let down… come novermber 12… cain valesquez will keep the championship… but it wont be the last of jds… or cain… so don’t worry… for the sake of argument… 1 loss vs none