Junior Dos Santos : Wins The UFC Championship/KO’s Velasquez (HD 720p)

Junior Dos Santos Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Junior Dos Santos : Wins The UFC Championship/KO’s Velasquez (HD 720p)”

  1. Cody Ramone says:

    Post mortem your wrong dead wrong

  2. Crippled2 says:

    JDS sounds like Alberto Del Rio when he speaks english.

  3. ronki23 says:

    I don’t fully understand this thing about punching behind the ear. I
    thought knockouts are dependant on neck strength and/or your cardio as
    Ricky Hatton was knocked out by Manny Pacquaio and Floyd Mayweather Jr

  4. Denise Nevarez says:

    Y despues que paso…lo agarro como piñata Cain Velasquez y ahora lo tiene
    de mascota

  5. Post -Mortem says:

    after this cain beats him twice i like jds but cain is better hands down

  6. direktFF says:

    He was a good champion. Carried himself like one. Big ups! 

  7. odinel says:

    eso le pasa por pelear a puño limpio a cain , en la proxima que peleo con
    junior se dedico a fajar y a cansarlo se ve que se entreno para eso.

  8. Romeo Prince says:

    dam he still alive after that fucken punch!? GD!!

  9. Lone2011Wolf says:

    Brock Lesnar likes this.

  10. 10NA89 says:

    Jds needs to do some serious wrestling training if he wants to beat cain
    again. Cain just looks better every fight

  11. hijodemadre2 says:

    Is all ready set, overeem won by 1st R. KO at 3:24. And is the new UFC
    heavyweight champion. I can read the future.

  12. Breeze Tn says:

    Cain has been rocked a couple of times by Kongo & the last fight showed us
    that if jds connects then its lights out for cain. Trust me, I would bet my
    life on cain getting knocked out again. He will probably last longer then
    64 secs.. maybe into the 2nd round, but he will be getting knocked out
    again 100% we all know that jds will connect on his punches in the fight &
    we know for a fact that cain wont be able to take jds punch! Jds is way to
    strong & fast for cain.

  13. Umael84 says:

    I agree, the one who wins the third is the true champ… But I am rly 50/50
    about this one and that makes it interesting, can’t wait

  14. vafer420 says:

    just one punch y cain a dormir

  15. RarityRules17 says:

    Good punch, that’s all there is too it, my man Cain should have blocked
    better and watched out for dos santos famous right hook… I give them both
    credit, they are both great warriors and deserve respect for having tha
    balls to take whatever comes with this beutifull sport.

  16. Bart Wojtowicz says:

    you suffer from retardation

  17. Alistair Overeem says:

    some fights get stopped early then others depending on the refferee i see
    where your comming from and i agree that the fight should have and could
    have gone on a little bit longer but i dont see how cain could have beat
    junior even though there was alot of hype about cain being so great and
    unvbeatable i knew jds would win all along

  18. GodBlessNYC says:

    i think ur mexican lol

  19. GodBlessNYC says:

    i think ur mexican. lol faggit.

  20. Mr909mikey says:

    cain cardio is a hyped up bullshit dude gassed alittle bit after jds did

  21. wpfreddog says:

    I always said joto dos santos got a lucky shot. The second fight proved
    what a FAKE cigano is. FAKE cigano dont want a third fight….HE SCARE

  22. 206ernesto says:

    o_O???? go fuck yourself!!!

  23. ocHD says:

    jds the best ever

  24. JON H says:

    bitch slap you… fucking dicklicking pussy.

  25. William M-C says:

    You are obviously Cains bitch