Shane Carwin VS Junior Dos Santos UFC 131 In Depth Preview

Junior Dos Santos Online video Ranking: 4 / five

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  1. coolvideo28 says:

    @AintDoneYet123 DJS let him up because he was exhausted he admits in the post fight interview he was so tired from punching Carwin he actualy asked the ref to stop the fight hoping he would, but then he went on to say ref made a good call not ending it because Carwin just got up and started fighting again.

  2. AintDoneYet123 says:

    @coolvideo28 lol u mean their intentions, i didnt get that, well dos santos was really carfull and waited for an opening and notice how he came in before carwin was down in the 1st round, he hit him saw he was hurt then carfully moved forward and and threw another combination of punches and then carwin went down and dos santos was pounding him i dont really know why he let him get up but im sure it wasnt cuz he was scared cuz carwin was really dizzy and couldnt fight back really

  3. coolvideo28 says:

    @AintDoneYet123 They did lie because they werent even trying to knock each other out they were trying to have a boxing match all nigh,t but a horrible boxing match because they were both to scared to make it a good boxing match. JDS was clearly the better boxer but he was still to scared to go in and even try to knock him out exept when he got him on the ground, but even after that he still went back 2 defense scared fighting. Were did I say this was the worst fight ever? I say it how it is

  4. AintDoneYet123 says:

    @coolvideo28 again they didnt “lie” they cant go swinging at each other cuz the other one knows what hes doing one of them will be knocked out, they cant “lie” cuz they dont know what will happen its not like beating up a little kid they cant win for sure in a certain way i know ur no fighter cuz u use the term “scared” and “lied” and u said things like it was the worst fight ever when its clearly isnt just cuz someone wasnt knocked out,it wasnt the best but surely not the worst

  5. coolvideo28 says:

    @AintDoneYet123 They did lie and they did fight scared show me 1 fight were Carwin or DJS fought defensively the whole fight they are both offensive fighters they were both scared of getting knocked out so they fought scared dont get offended over it I am a fan of both of them and I am mad because they both dissapointed me. How do you know If I am a fighter or not?

  6. AintDoneYet123 says:

    @coolvideo28 they are not “scared” and u saying they were “lying” is dum cuz they dont know how the fight would turn out jds said himself that he would be more carefull with carwin than with brock at striking stop saying in all of videos “grow a pair” or “theyre scared” u dont have the right 2 say stuff like that about any fighters when ur not even one

  7. coolvideo28 says:

    @AintDoneYet123 Jds didnt use his reach because Carwin has a 3inch reach advantage over JDS. I agree most fighters would have been knocked out Carwin has an amazing chin though. I am a JDS fan also I am just a bigger Carwin fan but after the last fight of them both saying it was going to end in a knock out then they both fought scared it was such a disapointment. I would like to see this fight again and both of the fighters actualy fight. Have a great day.

  8. AintDoneYet123 says:

    @coolvideo28 if u use the same word i used that doesnt make u right and let me explain something 2 u dont get angry please i dont like comments like that in my inbox jds knows carwin has strong punches so he used his reach 2 back up untill the moment was right and he came in and bashed his head in but carwin surprisingly is very tough and stood up if it was anyone else then carwin he would be knocked out

  9. coolvideo28 says:

    @AintDoneYet123 You have no idea what your talking about everything I said is backed up by facts go watch the fight go listen to the post fight interviews of the fighters. You should be ashasmed for commenting to me when you obviously have no idea what your talking about

  10. nilesriver2 says:

    Did anyone see shane carwin throw up an L as he walked out to fight? (what does and L mean?) I’m not saying that he would of won anyway……. but he wasn’t even swinging. Looked like he was just trying to survive.

  11. BigFuckingBoobies says:

    Yeah this fight should’ve been stopped in the 1st round. The Norweigen guy that Carwin was supposed to fight got finished on far less damage.

  12. AintDoneYet123 says:

    @coolvideo28 u should be a shamed for saying the things u said and i can clearly c u dont understand the situation they were in and fighting in general

  13. coolvideo28 says:

    @kungiiii No they both lied they both said dont blink because somones getting knocked out. Then they both fought scared. The Cowboy in a early fight said what Dos santos should have said “Sorry I fought not to lose not to win” I am a fan of both guys, but I am more of a fan of Carwin, but that fight was a disgrace to both fighters. Carwin didnt get agressive exept at the couple times he tried to get Dos Santos down. Even when Carwin got that big hit next to the cage he just stoped.

  14. kungiiii says:

    @coolvideo28 You basicly mean that you wanted them both being aggressive. Well mma doesn’t work like that. You need to have tactics. It’s like saying that guy is scared/coward because he went down to try get submission instead fighting like man in top. It doesn’t make sense. Carwin did play aggressive but it failed on him part and you can see it from his blood. Santos just absolutely outboxed him and played smart. Santos was aggressive at end of 1st round because he had change for it.

  15. coolvideo28 says:

    @Andydag904 Yes he did JDS is a better boxer, but he didnt even box he just fought Scared throwing jabs and hooks all night to keep carwin away from him, dont believe me listen to the post fight review he admits it. Carwin faught scared the whole fight too. We wont really know who the better fighter is until they both grow a pair and fight. it was an Awsome fight night until Carwin and Dos Santos had the worst fight of the night was horrible They should both be ashamed.

  16. Andydag904 says:

    @coolvideo28 ya JDS destroyed Carwin

  17. coolvideo28 says:

    @w1seguys You are right about Dos Santos being the far superior boxer but he didnt even really box him. He just kept throwing jabs and hooks to keep Carwin away from him. Dos Santos should have apoligized to his fans like the cowboy did in an earlier fight he said. Sorry I didnt fight to win I faught not to lose. Carwin should have stepped in his face and started throwing his bolling balls at him after he realized Dos santos was a way better boxer but he failed at every turn.

  18. coolvideo28 says:

    @w1seguys Junior fought scared whole night just like Carwin did it was a horrible fight, I wanted Carwin to win & he sucked was horrible no excuse 4 that pathetic performance. I am embaresed to call myself a fan of his after that cowering display. I am also a Dos Santos fan I just liked Carwin more, until last night even in the last 30 sec. he didnt let it all loose. In recent fights especialy title fights they dont stop it unless absolutly necissary plus they owed Carwin 1 from Brock fight

  19. ronval6 says:

    When is going to be Cain Velasquez Vs. Junior Dos Santos ?

  20. w1seguys says:

    @coolvideo28 I didn’t think the fight sucked. Junior fought a very smart fight and soundly out-boxed Carwin. It was Carwin’s responsibility to make something happen since he was losing the fight. Also, most ref’s would have stopped the fight in the first round.

  21. coolvideo28 says:

    @w1seguys No they dont. That was a great fight night, but the main event sucked and No not because carwin lost. Because Both of them were too scared of getting knocked out so neither of them would give us a real fight like they normaly do. They both said dont blink forget about blinking I was ready to fall asleep. They should both get worst fight of the night. I would have been pissed if I paid for tickets and went to that fight even if I was rooting for Dos Santos.

  22. w1seguys says:

    @coolvideo28 Everyone that gave you thumbs up looks silly now LOL.

  23. chuck2112ify says:

    could it be that Velasquez destroyed Lesnar because he’s the better mma fighter?

  24. MIT2004 says:

    He has been working out on his cardio, Shane that is. He is no longer the big gorilla. He now comes in at 255. His size is not as big as Brock, Brock wears 5xl vs 4xl of carwin. I’ll go with Catania

  25. adam123leeds says:

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