UFC 131: Junior Dos Santos CRUSHES Shane Carwin

Junior Dos Santos Online video Ranking: 3 / five

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25 Responses to “UFC 131: Junior Dos Santos CRUSHES Shane Carwin”

  1. mthai66 says:

    Dana’s not from Boston, asshole.

  2. Lionel messi98 says:

    Dana white is a bald ugly midget faggot

  3. lingbring says:

    Love the Blood Fest that Occurs in UFC <3

  4. Kino483 says:

    brad marchand is a dumb newfie piece of shit idiot pussy

  5. Silenciobob says:

    Stop fucking complaining you jew faggot! You are such a nerd!

  6. Alexander Yeadon says:

    @Andrew33824 yay:)

  7. markaelnumero says:


  8. Nick Beall says:


  9. Michal L says:

    sweet vid dude

  10. brazilnr1 says:

    @thebloodybeats omg shut up you retard

  11. themurdo21 says:

    I love your job too

  12. thnk4urself says:

    haha fuckin cancouver fans, Bruins won!!! just joking, it really must’ve
    sucked to see your boys lose at home but that’s sports, somebody has to
    lose. brad marchand is a bad mofo

  13. Jules Galarneau says:

    Great seats bro

  14. fitzman06 says:

    there are some angry comments.

  15. hummbug1 says:

    Yes their gorgeous but ull never have sex in your life.. Nope , never.
    Enjoy your job!

  16. lingbring says:

    @PlagueRiddenGoat what is your point? in my comment im saying i love the
    blood fest that occurs in UFC in any match and not all of it would be
    stopped some still continue and that of a fact i enjoy the blood that comes
    spurting out makes it more exhilerating to watch . and i wasnt implying
    there was alot of blood in the last ufc event so before you try acting like
    a hero on the internet i suggest you should think before you type alright?

  17. PlagueRiddenGoat says:

    @lingbring Then you must not be watching it a lot and are only commenting
    out of this video or stereotypes. Usually as soon as there is any major
    blood, the fights are usually stopped. And there wasn’t much blood in the
    last UFC event . Stay away from MMA if you don’t know jack shit.

  18. bigcawk69 says:

    oh i get you… brock,shogun,and gsp are your favorites and your just
    talking shit about carwin cuz he lost 2 in a row you should have writen it
    better cuz some people wont get you…

  19. Andrew33824 says:

    @TheXanderhk okay u win 🙂

  20. Luki Elizalde says:

    BJ PENN!

  21. Alan Pang says:

    Fedor Emelianenko.

  22. Michal L says:

    @Andrew33824 wow u are a fuckin genius :p go fuck a duck :]

  23. EricRuzz says:


  24. rcFR33K says:

    GSP 😀