UFC 155: Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez II Promo

Junior Dos Santos Movie Score: four / 5

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25 Responses to “UFC 155: Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez II Promo”

  1. christian romero says:

    JDS really dissapointed in last match against velasquez…..
    I really doubt jds can beat cain

  2. AztecSoldier316 says:

    I bet you feel like one fucking idiot lol Because your bitch Overoids got his ass handed to him by Bigfoot. Lol Dumbass. 

  3. Safari Sauer says:

    It is good video.Can anyone tell me the last background music?

  4. DavidB592 says:

    lol 3:23 “ufc prelims” ….

  5. DeTo4KuH says:

    Thumbs up if u watch it after the fight and waiting for 3d and the last match up

  6. Jose G Andrade says:

    name of the song in the beginning please

  7. Jose G Andrade says:

    name of the song in the beginning please great music to workout to

  8. wpfreddog says:


  9. graham hill says:

    got you , what a troll lol

  10. zigginh0 says:

    youre a retard, but your not aware…

  11. MrCanadianrock123 says:

    u forgot yellow lol

  12. misserio says:

    Hello everyone. Excellent movie clip. My cousin used to be a fat. He went from 293 lbs of fat to 217 lbs of total lean muscle. Everybody was in shock. I just subscribed myself coz I’m wanting to get big muscle mass. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Google it)…

  13. The3boosh says:

    JDS fan, and roots for cain?? Do you know what the meaning of the word “Fan.”

  14. arcangel vecchio says:

    i glad cain won and this video reminds me when i trained

  15. carlos azuara gonzalez says:

    viva mexico cabrones

  16. TheCormegafan says:

    love the song

  17. TheGrizzzle says:

    you mean his Steroid Juice monkey days?

  18. Jason Beckford says:

    Alistair Overeem has been out of the game for too now. But in his K1 days he would kill JDS no problem.

  19. manny c says:


  20. manny c says:

    Just like Big foot knocked him the fuk out trololo Overeem has gotten KTFO 7x.

  21. JsTx92 says:

    Fixed fight? Lol. Troll.

  22. rayochapin says:


  23. karenjanet7 says:

    junior dos santos will never beat cain again. all those jds fans are crying still lol. and they prob still will years later.

  24. karenjanet7 says:

    king velasquez the humble aztec peoples champion! mexican pride!

  25. din tzol says:

    great fighters.a lot of hard work to be the champ.