UFC 160 junior dos santos vs mark hunt Highlight HD

Junior Dos Santos Online video Score: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “UFC 160 junior dos santos vs mark hunt Highlight HD”

  1. josefino punzalan says:

    did you watch the video? man! mark is better than jds! jds is only a chance puncher! cain will beat him all over and over again! cain is much better in all heavyweights!

  2. Mega101Niko says:

    Yep agreed, awesome vid

  3. McFearless14 says:

    Awesome video

  4. purehate7 says:

    Mark hunt got destroyed in this fight! He had no chance.jr has a iron jaw and a big heart

  5. vaitoloa says:

    Win or lose, proud of you Cuz. You got heart. But if you get a way out of this bloodsport, take it. Much prayers and alofa’s.

  6. kurtsloane says:

    Mark was injured already in the first round.

  7. taffy2499FTW says:

    If they ever meet again mark will destroy him

  8. 6war3rior0 says:

    @Elvira Jose…. shut your paisa ass up ..Junior is still a good and exciting fighter..so is Hunt.Go watch your boring mayweather fight.

  9. Dylan Langhel says:

    good ass fight!

  10. Elvira Jose says:

    Fuck u jr 2 santos vales pa pura verga…. Hahahaha

  11. theRealSep says:

    amazing video good job rly enjoy it

  12. wazzy3007 says:

    the song takes this tribute from good to great

  13. SquashyJohnson says:

    I’d like to see Hunt put more effort in to cardio and speed. I know it’s hard work but he has the potential to be a top contender if he didn’t rely so much on power. I’d definitely pay to see a re-match though.

  14. Djonkie Bonk says:

    Great fight and 2 great fighter. Mark Hunt is one tough SOB.

  15. carlson marc Lleno says:

    nice vid

  16. MEXICOandFRIENDS says:

    Hunts one tough sob

  17. yurikov100 says:

    Incredible fighter Junior. He’s gonna take his belt again!

  18. 6war3rior0 says:

    Beautiful Fight….Both warriors.

  19. OG RaDiiTz says:

    Best heavy weight in my opinion i love JDS

  20. snake1602 says:

    Not to dog on the awesome shots JDS hot on Hunt, but how did hunt get up from that overhand right in the first round? That would end careers from the damage to the head!

  21. TheFantastico96 says:

    Sick Kick :O!

  22. felipede0107 says:

    junior is mad lmao he was def high when he lost to cain

  23. Samtkjones says:

    this looks pretty one sided.. i haven’t seen the full fight.. was it really this one sided it thought it would be close

  24. keraz15 says:

    I added a link to my second highlight in the description of this video “UFC Meilleur KO MMA 2012/2013″
    good visualization all 🙂

  25. keraz15 says:

    thanks :)