UFC ACTION INSIDER: Junior Dos Santos Jakks MMA deluxe articulation ultimate fighting figure

Junior Dos Santos Video Ranking: four / five

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25 Responses to “UFC ACTION INSIDER: Junior Dos Santos Jakks MMA deluxe articulation ultimate fighting figure”

  1. jeff hardy says:


  2. billy likeaboss says:

    method man called UFC gay but don’t realize that UFC look a lot gayer than

  3. Jacoby Roundtree says:

    UFC men are supsose to be bare foot

  4. PrimusVsUnicron says:

    Ebenezer review JAKKS UFC Brock Lesnar

  5. PiratesPensSteelers3 says:

    They have a ufc Borc Leasnor figure

  6. Method Man says:

    WTF ufc is real an better then that gay fake shit wwe

  7. Leisa Tovell says:

    Grim r u ok from shitzkiy

  8. xZombie_Killa18 says:

    grim if ur not gonna use him just give him to me thanks!

  9. marietta36 says:

    Hi manezer my name is danielfifita your funy

  10. Lennox Holder says:

    thats a boxer

  11. AwesomeFAN13 says:

    Funny video but hey still need that ryback figure grim

  12. leetran1 says:

    I hate UFC it sucks as all wase

  13. AC CO says:

    Randy, is that u?

  14. Glenn Webb says:

    UFC > WWE

  15. MyVidsAreTop says:

    You should have the UFC(Ultimate Fuck Championship)belt on GTS WRESTLING!!

  16. franco revilla says:

    I hope i win ryback

  17. D'angelo Crimes says:

    1:38 someone called you Ebenezer

  18. jacob thompson says:

    Hahahahaha pppppp fart

  19. RIVERSNAKE99 says:

    I’m tired of that Brian Evans Ad WTF!

  20. 11141986j says:

    Why dont ufc fans shub those figures up thier ass and leave us wwe fans

  21. Nicolas Banas says:

    lol “ultimate fucks champion”

  22. Stephen Christinzio says:


  23. Brenden Stranahan says:

    Yes free figures

  24. Kyle Matullo says:


  25. fabian pita says:

    i want rybackkkkkk