UFC on Fox: Junior dos Santos Talks Fighting Cain Velasquez

Junior Dos Santos Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “UFC on Fox: Junior dos Santos Talks Fighting Cain Velasquez”

  1. YoureAlwaysRight says:

    He’s going to knock Cain out. Cain’s chin is not that solid, he’s been dazed before by guys with less skill and power than JDS. JDS…JDS…JDS…JDS…JDS…

  2. 4468977521003 says:

    @qwsx12 lol im going for Dos Santos!!!!!!

  3. MrSomename89 says:

    @lucirz Well my problem wasn’t pronounciation. It was my vocabulary that was very limited, and my spelling sucked. Speaking it most people wouldn’t have imagined to think I had problems with English. And the fact I was speaking 2 other languages at home didn’t make things easier for me either LMFAO.

  4. lucirz says:

    @MrSomename89 i came to the U.S in 2nd grade and was speaking english perfectly at the end of the year. i guess immigrants pick up the language faster lol

  5. MrSomename89 says:

    Boy learned English like nothing. Shit, I was born in the USA and I couldn’t speak English well ’til about the 3rd grade hahaha

  6. CaMaRo1RoC89 says:

    they are both so confident that they are going to win. this is the biggest MMA HW devision fight of all so far.

  7. davidzxc1 says:

    @mrpedrotafolla90 If your Gurl had a crush on a Light weight fighter and you weight more than 200 punds I would advised maybe, on a middle weight Hell No, if My gurl had a crush on Dos Santos, Cain, Lesnar or Carwin I would pretend Im not a jelous boyfriend

  8. mrpedrotafolla90 says:

    @justthebestgolfer my mistake i read your comment wrong

  9. mrpedrotafolla90 says:

    @justthebestgolfer hey dumb fuck kongo never fought k1

  10. smdbch1 says:

    @mrpedrotafolla90 Get some life insurance before you try. lol

  11. qwsx12 says:

    much respect to dos santos because hes a geat fighter and a great person like cain, but im going for cain to win this.

  12. mrpedrotafolla90 says:

    So my gf has a crush on this guy. should i kick his ass? lol

  13. justthebestgolfer says:

    @xxOMAR313xx WTF dude Im using text abbreviations & I typed so much4ur DUMBASS2understand me.So obviously Im goin make some typing errors…lol.U barely typed anything thats Y Udidnt make any spelling or grammar mistakes…lmao:) Btw this arguement has nothing2do with spelling&grammar….LOL??The argument has to do with the advantages that Cain has over JDS…lol.U couldnt write that much back2me cause,U couldnt answer my previous questions/comments..lol=)The more U type,the stupid U look..haha

  14. xxOMAR313xx says:

    @justthebestgolfer You need to learn how to spell before calling someone a kid.

  15. justthebestgolfer says:

    @xxOMAR313xx Geez How old RU..lol..9 yrs old??? 4 ur sake I really hope ur just a punk ass kid…haha. U cant argue back&dont have nothing2say but call me childish names & things that dont even make sense…rofl. “Your mom should of swallowed you”…WTF does that even mean…lmao?
    What does that have2do with Cain or JDS…lol? U cant find anything wrong with my previous comments, so U start making up some Bullshit comments like this….haha…so pathetic…lol!!!

  16. xxOMAR313xx says:

    @justthebestgolfer lol You my friend are a tool. your mom should of swallowed you.

  17. justthebestgolfer says:

    @xxOMAR313xx STFU already…lol…Buddy if U cant answer my questions/comments in my previous message & U have to bring up stupid shit like “Big Nog is a top 10 Heavyweight”.Dont even comment back2me…lol.U bring up stuff that I didnt even mention…lmao.I answered all ur questions/comments…lol.

  18. justthebestgolfer says:

    @xxOMAR313xx Ur right Schaub wasnt a good fighter on TUF.But after the lost2Roy Nelson.He was on a winning streak&is a completely better fighter then back on TUF.PLZ dont tell me that U thought Big Nog was goin win that fight cause NO ONE believed he would win that fight vs the younger Schaub unless ur a die hard Big Nog fanboy.I never said Big Nog is a top10HW???When did I say that…WTF?

  19. xxOMAR313xx says:

    @justthebestgolfer lol so now Nog’s a top 10 heavyweight? Just because he defeated a shitty Schaub Who got Ko’d on TUF. Same thing happend with tito ortiz.

  20. justthebestgolfer says:

    @ricksn777 Dude Im not even Mexican or Latino & thats what Im trying2tell everyone…lol=)
    I think everyone is choosing JDS is because he is a funnier guy then Cain.He also has been learning more English&a very nice guy.His fighting style is basically boxing (he has BJJ,but its never been seen yet)& KTFO his opponents.But this wont happen2Cain.Cain is goin finish JDS in the later rds or it may go2the decision with Cain winning the match.I LUV both fighters, but the odds R on Cains side.

  21. justthebestgolfer says:

    @xxOMAR313xx Btw U shouldnt call Big Nog OLD…lol.Cause in his last fight vs the younger,stronger & more athletic Schaub.Big Nog won that fight&he was the underdog&on top of that he won the KO of the night.I was even surprised that Big Nog beat the hungrier Schaub.Schaub was the heavy favorite.Big Nog can take punishment&even took a few hard uppercuts2the head from Schaub.But when Cain threw some Combination punches@Big Nog he KTFO the legend&put him2sleep

  22. justthebestgolfer says:

    @xxOMAR313xx Well Kongo had the perfect strikes&hit Cain squarely on the chin&the dude came back&slammed Kongo2the ground&won.JDS isnt a wrestler&he is smaller then Brock,so its very possible that Cain can takedown JDS&also take ahit.But Cain has better head movement now&wont get hit that easily.Cain also has better legkicks then JDS.Uknow Y Brock was rushing in&had NO GAME PLAN WHATSOEVER…lol?Cause he was afraid of what Cain would do in the later rds.The same thing goes4JDS.Hes goin rush@Cain

  23. justthebestgolfer says:

    @xxOMAR313xx Just because he hasnt fought enough guys doesnt mean Cain isnt better then JDS?The same can be said about Jones.He only fought Shogun.It doesnt mean Jones isnt good&wont win.Ibelieve Jones will be the LHW champ4 alongtime.Hes goin eventually moveup2 HW&get his 1st lost there.Jones has the frame4HW.I still think Kongo&Brock R good fighters vs Cain.Actually Cain is small4HW.He should be fighting@LHW.Size alone tells me how tough Cain is.Fighting Brock,Kongo,Rothwell&Big Nog is amazing

  24. xxOMAR313xx says:

    @justthebestgolfer Brock hand no game plan what so ever in that fight. He was trying to bull rush cain. haha I dont think cain will be able to slam JDS after he gets hit.

  25. justthebestgolfer says:

    @xxOMAR313xx Btw Cain took down a bigger/stronger wrestler in Brock.What makes Uthink he cant take down JDS (who isnt a wrestler).When Cain fought Kongo,his head movement/striking skills were not there yet.Now hes a more well rounded fighter.YES ur right, he did get rocked by Kongo,but I agree with what Dana said.It should his toughness/chin when he cameback&slammed Kongo2the ground&won that fight.The same can be said4Edgar.He came back in that fight vs Maynard after being Knocked on the 1st rd.