UFC146 Promo Video: Junior Dos Santos vs Frank Mir, Cain vs Silva, Hunt vs Struve

Junior Dos Santos Video clip Rating: 5 / 5

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25 Responses to “UFC146 Promo Video: Junior Dos Santos vs Frank Mir, Cain vs Silva, Hunt vs Struve”

  1. Cody Johnson says:

    Mir needs to fight very smart and make no mistakes if he’s gonna beat JDS. I’d like to see him become a 3 time heavyweight champion though so I’ll be pulling for him.

  2. lensen1000 says:

    Is more exciting Cain vs Silva, Junior by K.O easy

  3. alex kostikov says:


  4. lindacrysta1992 says:

    frank mir hahaha 

  5. willycal100 says:


  6. TheDocsoso says:

    mir gonna gas

  7. blach0r says:

    u mean anabolistair overoid?

  8. p8chill says:

    Damn Roy Nelson got a ton of air time on this promo (off his ass gettin whooped haha)

  9. Mkisho says:

    I miss watching Cain destroy motherfuckers. Can’t wait to see this card.

  10. Pencils440 says:

    Who really cares… JDS Vs Overeem would be awesome. I don’t think mirs gonna be able to do a whole lot….

  11. Pencils440 says:

    Fuck yeah, Mark Hunt!!

  12. Queenmaniaco666 says:

    My picks..


  13. rockthehouse06 says:


  14. TheLastFraudster says:

    Nice vid. my predictions
    Dos Santos
    Del Rosario

  15. TheLastFraudster says:

    Overeem’s a cheat.

  16. HerroHerrar says:

    JDS got this easily

  17. Velkar182 says:

    Big Cuntry is a tough somomabitch.

  18. unclebuck39 says:

    JDS KO, Cain TKO, Hunt KO. Overeem Crying.

  19. UFCBrockLesnar1 says:

    JDS by KO, Cain by TKO, Hunt by KO.

  20. Jeccidah says:

    big foot vs brock wudve been one heck of a gud fight & ppv

  21. overtkill7 says:

    Got JDS by T/KO, Cain by TKO or decision, and hopefully Hunt by KO although this could go either way depending on where the fight ends up. Also not a bad vid, crappy music though.

  22. MrDaemonKane says:

    Mir by standing leglock

  23. Jeccidah says:

    gota love cains muay thau

  24. LalondeMistral says:

    MIr by Submission, Cain by TKO and Hunt by KO

  25. timmybus21 says:

    i predict jds by tko, silva by knockout, and hunt by decision