Velasquez Looks To Defend Title Against JDS In Mexico

Junior Dos Santos Movie Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Velasquez Looks To Defend Title Against JDS In Mexico”

  1. Johnny U. says:

    fuck off racist beaner

    JDS will kick that beaner Cain ass

  2. Alberto Torre says:

    hope Dana makes the fight at the AZTECA STADIUM in Mexico City…for sure it will be a sell out…keep it lovely CAIN…brown pride homie!

  3. Adam100m says:

    arjentinians are indians and mestizos… and so what?

    Communist Niggers aka Cubans are SCUM

  4. Johnny U. says:

    Brazilians are black fool

    stop saying nigger

  5. cb7pwn says:

    man, if Cain had a smaller head, hed look like a light heavyweight

  6. GetBuk86 says:

    cain and jds are the best in ufc

  7. andres s says:

    the best of the best one in only

  8. James Adams says:

    STFU you moran. Keep wineing like the biatch you are homo…

  9. Jonik25Russia says:

    Кейн чемпион, хотелось бы посмотреть его с Минаковым.

  10. Tletl Chicahtoc says:

    Hahah. White people hate to see the indigenous people rise again.

  11. Humanoids says:

    he was way down before that. he didn’t defend much. and honestly.. whilst 1 or 2 shots did seem to the back, there have been waaaaaaay more worse “shots to the back of the head” victories than this one. and can’t really say that it was with much ill intent. + in the heat of the moment what can you do when you turn your head like that? I think, shit’s way more scarier when Vitor does it. that guy will murder you and blast whatever side of the head you give him.

  12. Frank Doberman says:

    illegal shot to back of head , as shown in the replay that ufc cut from the post fight interview
    early stoppage
    paper champ
    Mexican market here we come

  13. Derek Bowles says:

    Cain is the definition of a champion. So well rounded and a very respectful individual. Give him the fight in Mexico!

  14. MsMarc1234 says:

    lol you cannot lead Cain in a question.

  15. Frank11049 says:

    I will go to Mexico just to watch this dam fight !

  16. Frank11049 says:

    He is gonna get beat down again

  17. Frank11049 says:

    He’s Mexican reps Mexicoi and he’s Mexican at heart. How is he a fake Mexican dumb ass ??? please explain your dumb remark ?

  18. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee78 says:

    If UFC can have a fight in china,then they must have one in mexico too

  19. Aztekrieg Tolteken says:

    Absolute, Mexican domination ! no other spanish speaking country is represented in UFC. Mexican-Americans and Mexicans… R O C K !

  20. Chapulinazuladomx says:

    Viva México ! 

  21. Gavin LeDoux says:

    The fake-xican

  22. Yojimbo707 says:

    Totalmente de acuerdo.

  23. Yojimbo707 says:

    Por favor, NO nos digas Americanos ! somos Mexicanos con ciudadanía Estadounidense.

    Quieres que te mencione a todos los campeones y peleadores Mexicano-Estadounidenses en UFC?
    Hay muchos !!!!
    Comenzando con los dos campeones actuales: Caín Velásquez y Dominick Cruz!!!
    otros:Diego “The nightmare Sanchez; Roger “El Matador” Huerta; Nick “El Diablo” Díaz; Miguel “El Recio” Torres, Joe “The Mexicutioner” Beltrán; Chad Mendes, Joseph Benavidez, Pablo Garza, Gilbert Melendez, etc,

  24. Adam100m says:

    YES !!!!!! ONLY Mexicans and Brazilians are CHAMPIONS. Only Mexicans and Brazilians stand out, dominate and are the authority in this sport.
    Other Latinos.. like the nigger cubans in exile and the puelto lican regetoneros are just spectators and wannabe ufc fighters. We can, thet can’t.

  25. karim gonzalez says:

    los mejores somos los americanos y brasileños por que Cain sea el campeón de peso pesado no significa que los mexicanos sean unos fuera serie Cain es una excepción…